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Products recommended by chef Lázár

In the words of Chef Lázár

About the YESS! products

I would like to draw everyone's attention to a company or brand that is YESS! It listens to a brand name, so YES !, because it is really delicious and, which is really good, it is a 100% Hungarian-owned company that uses tomatoes grown and processed 100% in Hungary for its ketchup. There are gluten-free versions of both ketchup and mustard and mayonnaise. So I really liked them, not least because their pizza sauce is really cunning, very delicious!

"I already have a sauce, I hope it's YESS for you too!"

“If you need mayonnaise, I definitely recommend the YESS! brand ”

“Yes we are having a YESS! day!"

Chili challenge

YESS! Chili sauce

We tested it!

In short, the essence of the show is to invite a well-known person, sportsman, presenter, musician, actor, performer, opinion leader to the show and invite me to cross the zone of comfort by tasting a line of chili. ⁠

We move from the weakest to the strongest chili. A bite of the bite I made was dripped from the spicy nectar, so the tasting happens. Of course you can get out at any time!

Net: 2.677Ft
Gross: 3.400Ft
Net: 428Ft
Gross: 544Ft
Net: 2.106Ft
Gross: 2.675Ft
Net: 412Ft
Gross: 523Ft
Net: 3.078Ft
Gross: 3.909Ft
Net: 3.902Ft
Gross: 4.956Ft
Net: 3.163Ft
Gross: 4.017Ft
Net: 2.957Ft
Gross: 3.755Ft
Net: 343Ft
Gross: 436Ft
Net: 3.441Ft
Gross: 4.370Ft
Net: 498Ft
Gross: 632Ft
Net: 5.805Ft
Gross: 7.372Ft
Net: 921Ft
Gross: 1.170Ft
Net: 566Ft
Gross: 719Ft
Net: 4.860Ft
Gross: 6.172Ft
Net: 333Ft
Gross: 423Ft
Net: 3.270Ft
Gross: 4.153Ft
Net: 567Ft
Gross: 720Ft
Net: 25.268Ft
Gross: 32.090Ft
Net: 25.268Ft
Gross: 32.090Ft
Net: 402Ft
Gross: 511Ft
Net: 5.600Ft
Gross: 7.112Ft
Net: 3.942Ft
Gross: 5.006Ft
Net: 3.632Ft
Gross: 4.613Ft
Net: 3.200Ft
Gross: 4.064Ft
Net: 3.764Ft
Gross: 4.780Ft
Net: 3.459Ft
Gross: 4.393Ft
Net: 3.902Ft
Gross: 4.956Ft
Net: 790Ft
Gross: 1.003Ft

It is a 100% Hungarian-owned company that uses tomatoes grown and processed 100% in Hungary for its ketchup!

~ Chef Lázár