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YESS! Magyarország Kft.


The YESS! brand name was created by the long-established Glóbus cannery around the turn of the millennium. To replace the globally popular Sauce, which has been purchased and used by a multinational company ever since. As an alternative to these sauces, the YESS! brand was born.
It was subsequently sold and although it remained on the market and operated, sales were most successful in the gastro business.


This year, the products gained new momentum in 2020 as part of a new venture, and we began to introduce new products and build the Yess brand with new strategic goals.
Strategic goals:

Our company is still a 100% Hungarian-owned company, which wants to provide consumers with standard quality food flavors with a well-developed recipe, a world of classic flavors and extremely well-positioned in terms of price value. The strategy of our company is to make the Yess brand products widely known and liked by consumers, primarily in the Hungarian market. By Hungarian labor and using Hungarian raw materials adapted to the conditions. We have determined that we should use Hungarian raw materials for all our products where possible, thus helping the further growth of the Hungarian economy. Of course, while maintaining competitiveness.
Based on the ideal and company philosophy of Yessmagyarország Kft., It is able to react quickly to technological changes. Our goal is to quickly meet the needs of the market and to provide quality services to consumers.

It is very important for us to be able to offer our consumers a quality product in the market.
We consider the direct acquaintance of our seasonings with the customers to be extremely important. Building a brand is emphatically important to us. Our goal is to get to know and love our brand as many people as possible, and to have pleasant feelings in it, look for it in stores. To this end, we want to promote it next year with tastings, consumption-promoting promotions, appearances in thematic media, Facebook, instagram presence, and the transmission of influencers.
In addition, we want to help and work with our trading partners to help their philosophy and aspirations. If the market is thinking of its own brand in the wet condiment category, our company is willing to cooperate in this development and help to participate flexibly in the production of special and possibly smaller individual volumes.

We consider it extremely important that our developments are always based on market research and the best understanding of the needs of the market. Let's be at the forefront of innovation.
The result of our latest development is our gluten-free product family, which is unique in this product range.
First of all, I recommend our 300g product family, which provides quality products in small bottles (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, barbecue, pizza, chili sauces) especially for small shops. standing bottles are very practical packaging for consumers. We also want to meet the requirements of the age with current and forward-looking packaging improvements.

Yess! Magyarország Kft.